This Is How Our Story Began

  JA for a Better South Bend

             The main point of JA for a Better South Bend is to get students involved in helping out the community in which they live in. This club targets mainly I.B. students but is welcome to anyone who wishes to join. Unlike other volunteer clubs at John Adams, J.A. for a Better South Bend is more community based and focuses more directly on helping the community and the people in it. This club is a way for students not to have to feel awkward and alone while volunteering. This club allows them to surrounded by friends and other students. It also welcomes creative and innovative ideas on how to better the community. J.A. for a Better South Bend is also a way for students to feel more connected to the work they do and see volunteering as something fun instead of something they wouldn’t be doing unless they had to. This club will be a fun way for students to not only achieve their volunteer work goals but to also meet new people, help the community, and touch the lives of others all at the same time. There is no point in volunteering if you can’t take something away from the experience. With J.A. for a Better South Bend students will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as well as being a part of something bigger than they are. They will also get to see directly the impact of their hard work and efforts in the community. J. A. for a Better South bend would set up things like neighborhood and park clean-ups as well as food and clothes drives and many other things. Gandhi put it best, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. J.A. for a Better South Bend hopes to do just that, be the change. With your help J.A. for a Better South Bend can become reality and begin to help the community. Thanks for your time.

-Nelson Zounlome, JAVA Founder (Junior Year at JA)


 "He [Nelson] wanted to take a bunch of kids and build a house in a weekend." 

-Mr. Wilson 

Our original mission statement was brought to Mr. Wilson in 2009 by Nelson Zounlome. 

Who We Are

JAVA (John Adams Volunteer Association) is a volunteer group at John Adams High School started in 2009. The group hosts fundraising events and volunteers at many events throughout the community during the school year. JAVA, originally called John Adams for a Better South Bend, was founded in 2009 by Nelson Zounlome. With the collaboration of Sam Wein and Adams Civitan (sponsored by Judy Wein), JAVA-Civitan was born. For simplicity and preference, the name JAVA was adopted in 2010. Since then, the association has expanded significantly in both volunteerism and membership. The 2013-2014 school year saw the JAVA membership grow to over 250 Adams'  

students. Over the 2016-2017 school year, JAVA raised/donated over $14,000.JAVA is open to all John Adams High School students. Join us to help others #getfilled, and contact us if JAVA can ever come help with an event.